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About Us

About Us

Medi-Science International Ltd. was founded with the aim of developing projects and technologies that will provide solutions to the human race. One of such primary projects is the development of MediLiVes Analytical Telemedicine System.

We recognise the need to effortless and affordable way of connecting patients to a doctor from any location and time. With a compelling vision, an empowering culture, and a world-class team, MediLiVes has progressed from being a proof-of-concept (POC) from 2015 to a proof-of-product (POP) in 2018.

MediLiVes technology brings a major and much-needed disruption of the current healthcare system. With modern medicine infuses with technology (Medi-Tech), doctors and patients alike can manage care remotely, increasing efficiency and outcomes.

Our Mission

Our mission is to roll out a futuristic cutting edge telemedical system that brings together some of the most innovative technologies such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality), Big Data, and Blockchain into a unifying platform: a non-blood, non-fluid non-surgical and non-invasive health monitoring protocol.

This will enable people to monitor their health conditions, control their health-records and manage their well-being.

According to The Global Health Initiative (GDHI) 2030, 193 of the world’s governments agreed to share a goal of achieving universal health coverage by 2030. At MediLiVes, we are building the technology that will make it possible.

Our aim is to provide equal access for everyone to the medical professionals in the world in collaboration with global healthcare organisations.

- Sunny Ahonsi, CEO MediLives


Our Vision

Our vision  may sound like a dream … but it is a reality!

MediLiVes vision is the creation of a global healthcare software solution where everyone has the opportunity to diagnose themselves and access the best healthcare providers regardless of social or economic status.

It is possible to live longer and prevent ourselves from future civilization diseases and stress related issues if we start today.

Our unique solution based on AI predicts future health conditions and any upcoming medical emergencies. Based on the AI predictions, the platform recommends health diagnostics and records the diagnostic results straight from the diagnostic devices to improvise future health statistics.


Our Unique Core Differentiator (UCD)

We are building a unifying protocol that will challenge the current medical status quo in providing the best possible way to treat patients by combining the best of the traditional and alternative medical dispensations on a single platform. This enables people to have choices of their preferred method of managing their health and wellbeing.